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Are You Ready To Master Music Like A Pro? 
"I Will Teach You To Master' Mastering course will teach you the exact methods used daily by one of the worlds leading mastering engineers - Streaky.

Based on Streaky's 25 years experience at the top level, this course has been distilled into a simple to follow process - from the mix right through to delivery.
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'I WILL TEACH YOU TO MASTER' - Mastering Course
The only course online made by a working professional mastering engineer!
by Mastering Engineer : Streaky
Clients include : Ed Sheeran, Skepta, Paul Weller, Naughty Boy, Jonas Blue, Groove Armada...
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What's inside the COURSE👇
8 Modules Over 8 Weeks 
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A deep dive into the exact process Streaky follows for every track he masters.

Week 1 : Mindset

Mastering is a completely different discipline to any other part of the recording process, in this module you'll learn how to approach and think like a mastering engineer.

Week 2 : Room Setup - Acoustics & Monitoring

You can have all the equipment in the world but if you can hear what you're doing correctly then you'll never achieve a great sound. In this week you'll learn all the rules and secrets of getting a great sound studio.

Week 3 : Systems - DAW, File Management, Prep

Preparation is king for getting to ready to work under pressure and still achieve results. Streaky shares his simple setup methods that can be applied to any DAW and his systems & processes learnt from years within different top mastering studios.

Week 4 : Equalisation

This week Streaky dives deep into his approach and style to EQ. You'll learn how and when to apply different types of EQ and Streaky favourite goto plugins.

Week 5 : Dynamics

What gives a track depth? How do you glue the sound but still keep space and loudness? This week is all about how to get punch, tightness and flavour whilst keeping tracks open with dynamic.

Week 6 : Putting It All Together

All the previous weeks modules are now combined into taking a track from start to finish exactly how a professional mastering engineer works everyday.

Week 7 : In Session with Streaky

You are in the mastering studio with Streaky whilst he masters track after track from different genres. Streaky explains exactly his thought process and equipment settings. You are then given the tracks to try for yourself.

Week 8 : Sequencing & Delivery

Mastering isn't over until the tracks are delivered in any format required. This week you'll learn how to deliver tracks for all streaming services, CD and vinyl.
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